Michael Starmayr, Katharina Zanon



Temporäre Halle für Kunst, Linz

3 h


Starmayr and Zanon pretend to be asleep during the opening of the student’s exhibition in the temporary artspace in Linz. The bed is put between entrance and artspace and used as a border. Two legs are outside, the other two are inside the exhibition space. Will the staff put the sleepers aside to ease the exit and entrance for the visitors? If yes, are they gonna be transported inside the exhibition space next to the unbreathing artworks or are they gonna be put outside on the patio?

During the opening speech which is held inside the artspace, Starmayr and Zanon transport the bed to the entrance without being spotted by most of the visitors and go to sleep immediately. There is no way to escape the exhibition without crossing the bed. Either the visitors step over the legs of the sleepers, carefully trying to not disturb them, or they roll over them, jump over the bed using the wooden construction or even find a way crawling through the small gap under the bed. Over and over the visitors try to provoke reactions of the two artists without being successful. Three hours later when the opening is finished, the bed is being transported into the exhibition space when the stuff is cleaning the area and closing the doors.