Kantonesen essen



Cantonese eat anything with legs except a table and anything with wings except an airplane.



2 videos HD

02:04 min, no sound, colour





Linz, Domgasse 1





series of 5 photos


ku proudly presents a buffet with fortune cookies, lizhi, tea eggs and surprising rice balls.

„Eat something although you have no idea who could be inside.“, tells you one of the fortune cookies. This advice could be helpful both in China and at this exhibition buffet. The series of photos titled ku on the wall facing the buffet hunters is promoting the handmade food.






Fortune cookies say that…

…placing the chopsticks crossed next to you symbolizes that you are criticizing a Cantonese eater joining your dinner.

…impaling the rice ball with one chopstick show your murderous thoughts concerning a Cantonese person sitting next to you.

…placing the chopsticks with the head pointing at you could make your Cantonese food hunter fellows think that you are egocentric and stubborn.




„…I can steal horses and eat elephants with her.“

Pepe, Jack the fruit, Elena and Hankie are joining Zanon’s eating feasts in Canton. Although only one of them is Chinese and none of them is Cantonese, they manage to introduce Zanon in habits all around the most important hobby in and around Guangzhou.

Stories about the hellish taste of „lovely puffs“ and nightmares about turning into an octopus eaten alive show vividly that I’m not as green as I am cabbage-looking.