meet my 32-bit


Julie Flohr, Katharina Zanon


installation and live-performance

Raum mit Aussicht, Domgasse 1, Linz

60 bread rolls, 60 slices of sausage



















The audience is being invited to an exhibition opening in the ‘Raum mit Aussicht’ in Linz.

Passing by the art space, all that people see are two lonely bread rolls filled with slices of Italian sausage placed on a plastic foil on the floor. Following the foil, the visitors find two workers in the courtyard preparing the bread rolls and placing them neatly next to each other on the plastic foil.

After finishing their activity, the bread rolls are being accepted as a buffet and find their way to the exhibition space. Using their hands and stomaches the audience moves the assembly line and transports the food through the buildings.