Julie Flohr, Michael Starmayr, Katharina Zanon



Donaustrände, Linz

17 min


A! is nothing but powerful action. The first possible thinkable form of acoustic protest, screaming violently, is used by humans immediately after birth. Spare / room uses the archaic voicemash to connect two riversides of the Danube. A! is a performance during an exhibition opening which is taking place on a ship landing on the opposite side of the river. For the visitors inside the ship it’s impossible to make out the persons belonging to the bloodcurdling screams- too many groups of people are gathering in the comfortable summer beach. Guys hanging out next to the members of spare / room are experiencing a contrasting situation: three young people scream in a comfortably seated position in the grass. The longer they scream, the less they control their voices. The scream stays alive for 17 minutes without any peaceful breaks.